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Celine O’Sullivan is an Award-Winning Artist with 20+ years of experience in leading companies in creative imaging and strategic project management. Following her formal art studies in Ireland she moved to the USA in 1996 when Walt Disney Animation Studios in Los Angeles offered her a job as a Colour Designer. Prior to this she worked in animation for Murakami Wolf Swenson, Universal Pictures, Don Bluth, Moving Still and Brown Bag Films. She has created work for Buzz Aldrin and worked on many projects for companies and institutions such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Pure Records and Warner Music. Her extensive knowledge, qualification and skill, through years of professional experience, is in Painting, Photography, Colour and Project Management. 

Her commission work is held internationally in many private collections.


Collaborated on multiple feature animation and tv shows, as-well as colour restoration work on films from the ‘Golden Age of Mexican Cinema’.


Photographed several advertisement campaigns for high profile clients e.g. MTV, Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica and Kate Spade.



Provided creative images for catalogue, eCommerce, social media, and brand marketing campaigns for clients such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY & Co and Macys.

Art Direction

Art directed and created works for Warner Music, Pure Records, Jerry Fish, Buzz Aldrin, Boston Proper and more.


Project Management

A career as part creative and part manager has allowed insight to ensure projects are handled properly from start to finish. Competent with scope, schedule, finance, risk, quality and resource management.

Fine Art

Created original works for institutions, businesses and private individuals, most recently for Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture (SICSA)

Celine is extremely grateful for the opportunities throughout her career to work with global companies, artists and mentors who continue to inspire her. .

Compassionate Leader 

Innovative and hard-working professional with experience in leading creative teams. 

Celine O'Sullivan

Celine O'Sullivan

Art Director


Extensive traditional and digital background.

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