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Celine's unique approach to capturing images is to strike a balance between substance and style, searching out the hidden places where beauty lurks. Her work summons the dramatic components of perceived beauty, while subtly pulling back the layers of inner landscape. The tenderness of feminine exposé is quantified in her imagery, where edifice and internal beauty are inextricably tied.


Celine was raised in the countryside of Ireland, where at an early age she spent a great deal of time exploring its harsh and beautiful terrain. This forbidding landscape with its intrinsic, multilayered beauty, sparked her artistic vision of forces in opposition, including light and shadow & beauty and desolation — themes that have become central to her work. 

Celine has participated in many group art shows since she was very young. Her first group show was at the young age of 12. Four of her paintings were on display at two locations after she won first prize: "The International Year of the Child Award." 

Following her studies in Fine Art Painting at the National College of Art & Design, as well as Limerick College of Art & Design, Ireland, Celine quickly moved into a successful career in animation working throughout Europe.

Her advancement in the field of animation came steadily, culminating in the position of Color Designer. Soon she was recruited by Walt Disney Feature Animation. She packed two suitcases, one for her, one for her daughter, and headed to America. Her dedication to art and education continued while she engaged her full time position at Disney and undertook the task of being a single parent. She enrolled in artist development programs at Disney and photography night classes at UCLA, where she successfully completed a Masters Class in Photography. Later she furthered her studies at the Digital Domain Institute and was certified as a Digital Matte Painter. 

Today she continues to work as a full-time Colorist/Editor restoring classic 35mm movies, converting them into HD. These films are mostly from the Golden Era of Mexican Cinema for U.S. distribution.

Her paintings and photographs are held internationally in private collections and her work has been published in many fields and disciplines.